About us

The origins of the Frans Jacobs Fine Art date back to the eighties in Geneva and Paris. The cooperation and participation with Parisian Galerie K (1985 – 1992) was a blend of friendship, personal interest and coincidence. Or rather no coincidence at all. Paris, for a long period, was the worlds centre of the arts, and therefore to us a very special and inspiring start.

In 1991 we also opened a gallery in Amsterdam. Gradually we started expanding to the post-war period and began working with artists from the complete 20th century, but still emphasizing on the ‘Ecole de Paris’. Many of the artists from this period were not born in Paris but felt incredibly attracted to and inspired by this city. A number of important and transforming movements changed the arts forever and today’s movements are still strongly influenced by them.

In 2006 we returned to our roots and opened a new gallery in Paris, where we successfully presented our collection of modern classics and organized several exhibitions. Due to the international crisis we temporarily closed the gallery in Paris in 2010.

Since 2011 our office is based in Amsterdam, and we present ourselves at prestigious international art fairs. We also started expanding our scope and now represent internationally renowned contemporary artists.

In the last two decades Frans Jacobs Fine Art organized exhibitions of Franco Adami, Valerio Adami, Karel Appel, Hanneke Beaumont, Isabell Beyel, William Burroughs, Lynn Chadwick, Graham Dean, Jan Desmarets, Kees van Dongen, Raoul Dufy, Sean Henry, Hans van Horck, Paul Huf, Minjung Kim, André Masson,Luciano Matalon, Fabrice Rebeyrolle, Peter Ruting, Jorge Soler, Cornelis Springer , Kees Verkade , Dolf Verlinden, Boris Zaborov and several themed and group exhibitions such as ‘Maine paintings during Sail Amsterdam’, Australian Indigenous Artists, Amsterdam Town Views, the artist belonging to the Rota Tora group and numerous expositions showing classical modern works of art.